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Whether your looking to supe up the superhero offerings, spread out some sports titles, rev up the retro flow, or just divide up the crew to help conquer, our external lounge arcade selections afford additional variety and thematic elements to customize your Autocades Arcade experience!

American Football Stadium


Add some athletic appeal to your Autocades party by sending in some of our hard hitting high intensity sports titles!

Tear up the gridiron while stuffing quarterbacks and firing bombs to the endzone in NFL BLITZ, the action packed arcade football standard.  Four players can compete at once on this legendary title featuring the likenesses of football royalty!

Charge the paint and slam the ball with flaming 30 foot dunks in NBA JAM, another iconic 4 player sports entry from the 90's.  BOOM SHAKALAKA!

Feel the high velocity rush of tons of arcade racing on our  RIDGE RACER Racing Multicade, housing over 100 different racing gaming titles, including Outrun 2006, Daytona USA, and Chase HQ!

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Darby's Party 9_edited.jpg


Amp your arcade party ambience with some animated arcade hijinx featuring some of the most iconic characters of Americana!

Grab your buds and level some pizza power on Shredder and the Foot Clan with the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES!   Our TMNT machines have two separate Turtles adventures to tackle: add this second machine to make sure both adventures of these heroes on the half shell are conquered.  COWABUNGA!


America's longest running animated family is out to rescue their youngest member Maggie in THE SIMPSONS! Bart, Homer, Marge and Lisa all bash baddies en route to save Maggie from the clutches of Mr. Burns!

Stomp buildings and terrorize innocent civilians all while bashing military members trying to end your reign in RAMPAGE, the legendary 80's  tribute to the cinematic mega monsters of classic cult film!



Clamoring for even more of the iconic retro arcade classics of the 1980's? 

Let's add some epic 80's add-ons to your external party package.

Bring back the awe inspiring ATARI era of arcading with the TEMPEST 12 in 1 Atari Legacy machine.  In addition to the legendary marquee title which saw you rotationally blasting and warp-driving past monstrous alien forces, you can enjoy other timeless classics such as CENTIPEDE, ASTEROIDS, and MISSILE COMMAND!

Get the pellet munching into overdrive and bust those annoying ghosts with both the PAC-MAN 40TH ANNIVERSARY and MS. PAC-MAN/GALAGA CLASS OF 81 arcade machines!  Enjoy everyone's favorite round yellow couple in various iterations of their arcade hits, including Pac and Pal, Super Pac-Man, and PacMania.  The iconic space shooter Galaga is also available on both of these machines for some great space bug blasting, and the Class of 81 also contains arcade hit Dig Dug!

Want to get the toddler aged youngsters involved with the Ghost munching and Bug Blasting?  Our PAC-MAN JUNIOR machine is a perfect entry level arcade built for the height of 2-5 year olds and containing special difficulty levels to ease younger children into the basics of playing an arcade game, and it also contains Galaga and Dig Dug as well.  This machine is also paired with our PAW PATROL JUNIOR arcade machine for even more toddler aged enjoyment!

Winning Match


Put up your dukes and get out some aggression with some classic and iconic hand to hand arcade fighting titles!

Team up with a partner and clean up the streets of Metro City with the heroes of FINAL FIGHT; traverse each level, teaching gang members some martial arts manners, and save the Mayor's daughter and the city!

Want to know who is the toughest fighter on the Streets?  Bust out the BIG BLUE, our monstrous STREET FIGHER II: THE CHAMPION EDITION arcade machine, and go head to head with a friend to see whose fists are the most furious ! 

Ready to FINISH your opponent once and for all?  With our ULTIMATE MORTAL KOMBAT 3 machine, containing all 3 original Mortal Kombat arcade classics, the stakes are final, as a loss in this fighting tourney can spell your doom!

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