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How Can We Help?

"Wait, so what do you guys do?"

Simply put, we're an arcade on wheels.  Hence the name 'Auto' - 'cades'.  We have worked hard to create an authentic classic retro arcade experience with the according ambience and excitement in our Autocades game trailer, and we are SO excited to share this retro arcading experience with you and your partygoers by bringing it to your doorstep!

"So you're like those video game trucks we see around the area?"

Well, yes and no.  Many of the established game trailer companies afford solid gaming experiences by offering up bench seating, console gaming, and various other entertainment services.  Autocades is looking to provide a more traditional and iconic gaming experience with replica retro arcade game cabinets that immerse our patrons in the arcade gaming experience of yesteryear.  Console gaming will always have a big piece of the industry, but there is nothing that compares to the thrill of stepping up to a game cabinet, entering a few credits, placing your hands on the controls and embarking on a journey through the portal of that game screen for a short time and testing your skills!

"Is there an age minimum?" "How many people can fit on the trailer?"

Autocades' 30 Foot Mobile Arcade has 17 arcade machines featured on it.  Generally, we can accommodate parties of up to 20 kids or 15 adults.  


Our aim is to afford our customers the best possible retro arcade gaming experience as a part of their party aspirations.  Generally speaking, the game styles we afford work best with customers 7 years and older; partygoers younger than 7 may not get the enjoyment we'd want to see them experience playing the titles we have available, and as such we don't recommend that they play on the game trailer without an adult to help them.

That said, we aim to be flexible and to work with our customers to the fullest extent to make for a memorable partying experience.  Also, keep in mind that we have the Autocades Exterior Lounge package to help cater to parents looking to please various age brackets and party sizes!

"Is there a rain/snow/ inclement weather cancellation policy?"

As the trailer is enclosed, and is climate controlled, with air conditioning for the summer sizzle and heating to keep the late season chill at bay, we will be good to go in most moderate weather situations!  Heavy rain and thunderstorm situations as well as extremes in high or low temperature may require cancellations; Autocades would monitor such situations and be in constant communication with our patrons in this regard.

'Is food allowed in the mobile arcade?'

We DO NOT allow food nor drink on the trailer for any of our guests, as the potential for permanent damage to the arcade game cabinets with spilled drinks is too substantial.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with this requirement!

'Are these all the games you have?'

Actually, no.  Many of these replica game machines have several titles available for play.  Our aim for our patrons is to immerse you immediately in retro arcade excitement and not getting lost in game menus trying to find something you think you'd enjoy.  Think about when you're cycling through the hundreds if not thousands of titles on a streaming service at home; sure its nice having options, but how many times do you just glaze over at all those choices to consider?   We would rather folks enjoy the titles we have curated, namely the marquee titles for each cabinet, and enjoy the pageantry of the games as they were meant to be played!


That said, with multiple titles on almost all of our machines, as well as our multicades, we can absolutely look to tweak and adjust our gaming selection to speak to the party attendees and specifically the guest of honor!  Part of the process when you book with Autocades will be to get to know who the party is for and what their interests are.  We will contact you, have some discussions about the party and the attendees, and from these discussions, we can work with the extended game catalog we have and make adjustments accordingly going into the event to maximize the experience!  


We can also look to evolve and adapt during the party; if an hour into the party the attendees want to change things up, we can go ahead and reset some of the cabinets with different titles to keep the arcade gaming fresh and exciting!

'Where are you guys located?  Where will you be servicing?'

We are located in Monmouth County!  Our base of operations is Hazlet, NJ.  We aim to service our home county and ultimately Middlesex and Northern Ocean Counties as well.  We are open to servicing outside of these regions as well.  We are not presently servicing OUTSIDE of New Jersey, however.

Beginning in 2024, we will be applying a straight surcharge of $50 to any party that is outside of 30 miles from Hazlet, NJ.  This is to account for cost of fuel and vehicle maintenance.  

'What are your hours of operation?  Do you do parties during the week?'

Autocades will be available for booking  during the following times!

4:00pm - 9:00pm
11:00am – 9:00pm


11:00am - 6:00pm

We may expand our scheduling times in the future, so feel free to inquire and keep an eye out here!

'What kind of parties will you be catering to?'

Our Mobile Arcade Parties are perfect for:

  • Birthday Parties for ALL ages!

  • Graduation Parties

  • Mother's Day and Father's Day

  • Family Gatherings

  • Corporate Team Building Events

  • Sporting Event Parties

  • Fairs/block parties

  • School/College Events

  • Fundraisers

'How much notice do you need to schedule a booking?

Autocades requires at least two week notice prior to the intended scheduled booking; this is to allow us the proper time to review, discuss, and prepare for the event and make sure you're getting the best experience Autocades can offer!

'What are the rules??'

Glad you asked; these are the parameters we ask you to follow to make sure you get the most out of your Autocades experience:

  • Once again, absolutely NO food OR drink on the arcade trailer.  

  • No roughhousing, wrestling, hitting, fighting, etc.   This should be obvious.  Keep the competition on the screens!

  • Please treat the equipment with respect; we love an intense arcade gaming experience, and we know that the muscles can start firing in the midst of a good game run, but you can stay competitive with moderate force on the joysticks and standard button tapping!  Jerking the joysticks back and forth and smashing the buttons is a serious no-no. 

  • No climbing on the arcade cabinets, no sitting on the pinball cabinets.  Again, we appreciate your treating our games with respect!

  • Share the gaming experiences with the rest of the partygoers.  We don't want to end anyone's game runs before they are finished, but we also want to let everyone have a chance to experience the variety of titles we have to offer.  Please be aware if people are waiting their turn and when you are finished, step aside to let them try their best!

  • Cell phones being used to capture the fun and excitement of the arcade trailer are of course expected and encouraged with some photos, selfies, and videos: we are absolutely honored to be the backdrop to such memories!  But we are hoping to see the party patrons enjoying the entertainment on our screens for the most part; if possible we appreciate extensive cell phone usage be curtailed and kept to a minimum and/or outside of the trailer.

  • Finally, a general "good natured sportsmanship" requirement: we want everyone to enjoy the Autocades experience.  We ask that you be both a good winner and/or a good loser.  Encourage your compatriots when they falter at a game they are unfamiliar with and congratulate those who show some skills!

Autocades staff members will provide warnings with severe transgressions in these regards; in the case of adult patrons to them directly, and in the event of younger partygoers expressed to the hosts of the event.   Autocades staff also reserve the right to shut the arcade down in the event of continuous unchecked lack of adherence to the above guidelines.  ​Trust us, this is the last thing we would EVER want to have to do, we want you to enjoy yourselves to the fullest, and know that you will!

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