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The Fellas Behind

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Two geeky dudes from the Jersey Shore.

Hi, we're Brian Betcher and Matt Wolf, the proprietors and owners of Autocades LLC, and we are two long standing friends of over 25 years.  Growing up in Monmouth County, NJ we connected in High School and began our camaraderie over  a mutual enjoyment of many hobbies, including comic books, movies, cars, Burger King Chicken Sandwiches, and a certain cartoon show about robots in disguise.  Most importantly and obviously though, we are both long time fans of the wonder and immersion of  VIDEO GAMES.  

We have enjoyed many adventures and endeavors over the years, not the least of which has been an ever growing propensity for creating themed parties for our friends and families that go above and beyond normal expectations and resonate with the youthful exuberance all persons carry with them from childhood.  From hand building creepy vampire coffins for Halloween Haunts to firework strewn Fourth of Julys, we have always shared a true appreciation for immersing people in thematic enjoyment and bringing smiles to faces and building memories that will last forever.

We  look to take these many experiences in this regard and build a local partying service under the AUTOCADES banner that will afford a unique and tailored retro gaming party experience for all of our customers.


We are looking forward to meeting you,

and transforming your party game at a time! 

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